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Buy original paintings with free shipping! Reach out to me regarding the painting you would like, and I will send you an invoice. Once the payment goes through, I'll get your purchase shipped as soon as possible, typically 1 to 2 business days after receipt of payment. It is first come first serve and the website will be updated to show [sold] only after payment goes through.

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[ Biological Landscapes ]

Visual art is a language, a way of speaking in ways that words fail to communicate. A painting can change a space, provoke thought or emotion, and enhance the human experience. One of the active series of paintings is the "Biological Landscapes" series on wood panels. These paintings are created for living and working spaces, created to center the soul, inspire empathy, inspire depth of taste, and remind the viewer that we are one with the universe.

The work in this series is process based and includes a visionary phase. A dream into the wood, and into humanity, formed into abstraction and bright color, then delicately painting it onto the wood. There are ~6 more of this series coming. Come back once in a while to see which ones are being sold.


*The art in the gallery below is not for sale through me at this time. Only items listed in the Paintings for Sale section can be ordered directly through me.

"January Restoration" Digital mixed media, 2016.

"Biological Landscapes I" Acrylic on wood panel, 2015.

"Caustic" Digital, 2012.

"Monitor" Mixed media, 2012.

"Inject I" Digital, 2012.

"Magic Love" Graphite, 2010.

"Anima In The Orb" Mixed media, 2010.

"Riley Hills" Digital mixed media, 2010.

"Magic Mirror" Mixed media, 2010.

"A Line Mint" Acrylic on canvas, 2007.

"Flesh Dunes" Acrylic on canvas, 2007.

"No Matter 1" Mixed media, 2006.

"Love of Disease" Graphite, 2006.

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