Design Thinking “Culture Craft”

Graphic design is not the majority, but an aspect, of my work. However design is what I was traditionally trained in along with music. I was blessed to experience collaboration with many great designers in the North Western United States in the last four years. I have learned that design thinking is a continual process. Its a way of viewing the world.

Clear communication, entertainment, form, color, social meaning, social need, audience, cultural sense of beauty, business strategy, business standards, and much more are perspectives on design thinking.


Design thinking creates culture, improves culture, helps culture; this encompasses business, morality, entertainment, language, and society.

Have patience, design work that is this in depth takes time. I can crank out images for you, but long term projects will always yield the best results. Alright, enough design evangelism but it is my job to make sure you know, its not just a logo or a graphic, it’s cultural strategy. Using strategic images can transform how people respond to your business, and helping to create those images is one of my favorite challenges.