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( computer wizard and professional creative )

Starting at a very young age of 5, I created music, playing the violin. Growing up in an isolated mountain area in western Montana, I spent my days drawing and creating, playing in the woods, and reading.

I starting using the command line near this same time, sitting on my father's lap using the computer, or sitting on a pillow on the ground with a little table in the basement, navigating around old DOS systems.

Music, art, computers. That was and is my reality in many ways. I did well in school once I matured at the ripe age of 13. I began to study broad subjects and delving into creative explorations and experiments. I went to honors college for graphic design with scholarships. I learned web design typography, branding, logo design, design thinking, and many subjects.

After school I designed shirts and did a little web design. Needing to pay off student debt, I found my way into the technology sector. Discovering GNU/Linux was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I became immersed in the open source world and found my way deeper into computer programming, gaining advanced understanding of operating systems, encryption, and data management. I paid off my debt and learned many valuable skills.

The stability computer programming brought to my life enabled my music to thrive, aquiring gear and funding to produce albums. By 2014 I was performing all original sets at outdoor music festivals with live electric violin and electronica I made. At this time the visual art on the back burner and the tech and the music carried me onward.

In 2016 the fine art sparked back up in a big way. I started hanging out with poets and a new group of creatives that brought out the visual arts along with the music. We combined poetry, music, visual art, fashion, and more in a production called Fantasoria.

This was magical time of powerful inspiration and I made breakthroughs in creative process and combining sound, sight, the body, and even smell and taste into art focused on experiences and human interaction. It was a great success, and founded new connections and friendships.

With over 25 years of music making, 13 years of electronic music production, 11 years of professional creative work and consulting, 7 years of enterprise systems administration, and a continued furious dedication to creativity and human experience, I am hard at work making more. My work now is pushing further with new music projects, video, painting, performance art, and systems programming.

In 2019 finished a software product that I love and started a new business based on it called Careful Data. Careful Data is just getting started but is fueled with years of industry experience and a product collection that empowers the account holder with encryption and storage for any type of data.

I am looking forward to sharing my new creations with you. Cheers ~

- Keegan

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